Our philosophy is very simple. Most helicopter flight schools have Flight Instructors with low hours who have no real life flight experience. These schools hire inexperienced instructors at low pay in order to increase profits.

Conversely, we offer thousands of hours of actual flight time experience and stability for the same price or less. The benefits to you are obvious. Flying a helicopter is a skill that requires precision and training. When choosing a helicopter flight training school, the instructors and staff should be experienced, disciplined, and thorough.

As a result, pilots trained at Capital Air Academy develop the skills most trusted and sought-after in their field. Our focus has been to guide the future helicopter pilot on a path to career success.

Capital Air gives you the training you need and teaches you how to become a helicopter pilot prepared to work anywhere in the world. We strive to provide advanced helicopter training to discerning pilots, looking for the very best to improve their skills. Our dedication to thorough, hands-on instruction is based on the
deology that helicopter travel should be safe.

Capital Air Academy operates out of a modern office complete with several ground school briefing rooms where your pre-flight briefings and lectures will be conducted.

We also offer an array of specialized training equipment and syllabi including Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Airline transport Pilot training, night and instrument training, Instructor training, turbine type training – single engine and twin, cargo sling ratings including long lining, mountain orientation and game capture/culling training

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Phone Number (24hrs): +27 11 827 0335

Facsimile: (+27) 11 824 2634 / 2640


Physical Address: Hanger 3H. Rand Airport, Germiston 1401

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