Simulator Training

Simulator Training

With Capital Air’s Entrol Bell (206 series) simulator, examiners and instructors are able to emulate specific scenarios relevant to the types of conditions (e.g. auto-pilot, weather conditions, African airports, navigational aids, emergency situations, accurate system failures, etc.).

Pilots are thus able to gain knowledge, especially in emergency situations, that they would otherwise not be able to experience during a normal training environment.The primary objectives of our training is to stress knowledge of, and skillful performance of, normal and emergency flight procedures.

To develop the sound judgment and discipline necessary during flight man-oeuvres. Once a particular exercise and location has been loaded on the system, the helicopter can quickly be re-positioned, enabling the pilot to repeatedly practice procedures without wasting any time.

This type of realistic training is fully certified by SACAA for various credits towards licensing, from basic hovering to full emergencies as well as allowing pilots to log 30 hours on this simulator towards their instrument rating. Additionally pilots are able to do RNAV procedures and receive license certifications, due to the sophisticated Garmin 430 installed.

Capable of the following features:

  • Bell 206 Cockpit Familiarization
  • Bell 206 Procedural Training (Including Safety and Emergency procedures)
  • Instrument Ratings / Renewals
  • Night Ratings

Soon to come:

  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Training
  • Pilot Evaluation & Type Ratings
  • Mountain Flying &┬áSling Ratings
  • Game Capture Ratings
  • Specific Mission Training, tailored to the customers need
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